Securing water facilities [use case]

Water purification and wastewater facilities are essential for the well-being of communities they serve, and they face numerous challenges due to new developments, changing operational paradigms, and regulatory compliance standards. To ensure that these critical functions operate efficiently, it is vital to have secured IT and OT. As water treatment facilities become more intelligent and digitized, comprehensive network visibility, security, and control are essential. However, increased interconnectivity also increases the risk of cyber threats, which can disrupt operations, compromise safety, and harm public health. At ComplyTec, we have been supporting organizations in addressing cybersecurity risks for almost 25 years. As proud partners with Tenable, we can help you enhance the safety, reliability, and continuity of your critical operations.

Tenable One

Tenable One is an exposure management platform that combines risk-based vulnerability management, web application security, cloud security and identity security.

How to stop Ransomware spreading via AD

Ransomware spreads via active directory and is more damaging than traditional computer malware since it not only infects devices but also encrypts data. Hackers are constantly evolving their methods, and that is why the total business impact of cybercrimes gets higher each year when considering lost business, time, wages, and files. Learn how to stop Ransomware spreading via AD:
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