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Migration & Professional Services
Authentication Manager Version 8.1 offers organizations a variety of powerful features – such as improved help desk systems and enhanced software token provisioning – that can enhance your security operations. Taking advantage of these powerful features, while still maintaining secure and continuous operations, however, requires proper planning and preparation. If you desire a turn-key approach to your migration, see how ComplyTec can make your migration a success.

ComplyTec’s Migration Services
The ComplyTec team excels at executing clean, seamless migrations to the new version 8.1 of Authentication Manager deployment for any sized organization currently using versions 6x or 7x of the product. Our company has performed successful migrations with organizations managing thousands of terminals, to businesses with just a few work stations. A unique combination of technological know-how and experience makes ComplyTec a leading provider of migration services.

Key Features and Benefits:
When you partner with ComplyTec for your Authentication Manager migration, you will be able to: Authentication Manager v8.1 Other Services Other Services, Maximize your time to value with an accelerated deployment.

  • Review and mitigate the risks associated with implementing your authentication strategy.
  • Leverage RSA’s established best practices while supporting your business requirements The ComplyTec Migration Plan.

During a ComplyTec migration engagement, we will divide the project into the following phases and keep you informed across all phases of the implementation.

Phase 1: Authentication Manager Migration Strategy and Planning
During this phase, the ComplyTec will complete diagnostics on your existing implementation and then review our results with your project team. During our presentation, we will provide you with a summary “health check” of your current authentication system and provide you with a variety of options for implementing Authentication Manager version 8.1.

Phase 2: RSA Migration Assessment Report
After understanding your needs and reviewing your starting point, ComplyTec will produce a recommended system architecture for your upgraded RSA Authentication Manager deployment. Our review will include details for your database configuration as well as clear strategy for provisioning your corresponding tokens.

Phase 3: Migration, Testing and Deployment
Prior to the migration, any stakeholder owning a system that requires attention prior to the migration will be notified and provided a checklist for all pre-migration activities. Once all of the setup tasks are completed, ComplyTec will then carry out the migration steps across all impacted technologies. To ensure continuous operations, ComplyTec partners with your team to develop a sound backup planning proposal.

Phase 4: Upgrades and Maintenance
ComplyTec’s service doesn’t end when the migration is complete. We will continue to work with your team to ensure systems operate as expected by offering ongoing checkpoints. During our scheduled checkpoints, ComplyTec will ensure your Authentication Manager system is kept up-to-date with RSA update and that scheduled maintenance tasks are completed on time.


Acrobat Reader  ComplyTec’s RSA Authentication Manager Migration Services Brochure