Disrupt threats to your operational technology

Concerned about your growing vulnerability to attacks on your operational technology (OT)? We can help. At ComplyTec, we help large and enterprise-level organizations implement Tenable OT Security to protect their OT. With the convergence of IT and OT systems, and the increasing adoption of IoT devices, the attack surface is wider than ever before, and it’s easy to get blind spots. Meanwhile, cyberattacks targeting OT systems are on the rise. Using an efficient, proven process, our team will design and implement Tenable OT Security for you.

Gain visibility, security & control over threats

Tenable.ot supports more than 90% of PLC products on the market today and has full integration with the Tenable product portfolio. To leverage your existing IT security investments, Tenable OT Security also integrates with industry-leading enterprise IT security products.
Eliminates blind spots & gives a comprehensive view
Eliminates blind spots & gives a holistic view of your cyber exposure with both IT and OT domain expertise in a single solution.
Automatically creates asset inventory
Automated asset discovery and visualization capabilities for a comprehensive, up-to-date inventory, including workstations, HMIs, PLCs, RTUs and more.
Saves device config. history
Gives a full history of device configuration so administrators have a backup of the “last known good state” for faster recovery and compliance.
Scores vulnerabilities for fast response
Uses a Vulnerability Priority Rating that generates a score and triaged list of relevant threats so you can find and remediate vulnerabilities.
Detects & mitigates risky events

Enforces network security policies and tracks local device changes so you can detect and mitigate risky events.

Why ComplyTec

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Whether you’re looking to improve your IT security measures or are starting from scratch, our team of seasoned consultants will guide you through the planning and implementation of your software solution.