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Looking to better secure and maintain your IT security solutions? We’re here to make the job easier for you. Whether you are starting with your first IT security solution, modernizing your multi-factor authentication (MFA), or need ongoing support and renewals for your SecurID platform, we are here to help.


We are a full-service provider of IT security solutions and consulting services.
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Multi-factor authentication & identity assurance (RSA)

ComplyTec provides complete and trusted authentication, lifecycle management, and identity governance through RSA’s Secure ID and IDPlus.

Active directory security
(Tenable Identity Exposure)

Tenable Identity Exposure (formerly helps companies proactively find Active Directory weaknesses before attackers strike. In addition, it detects Active Directory attacks in real-time – attack pathways will be disrupted before attackers exploit them.

Vulnerability management for operational technology (Tenable OT Security)

De­tect and respond to threats in your operational technology Tenable OT Security (formerly Tenable.ot).

  • Get full visibility across converged IT/OT operations
  • Reduce risk by identifying & prioritizing vulnerabilities & threats
  • Track configuration changes with full audit trail capabilities

Vulnerability Management
(Tenable Vulnerability Management)

Safeguard your environment with Tenable Vulnerability Management (formerly This renowned end-to-end solution is designed to identify, evaluate, and prioritize threats effectively.

Exposure Management Platform (Tanable.ONE)

Experience the power of Tenable One, a comprehensive exposure management platform that integrates risk-based vulnerability management, web application security, cloud security, and identity security

RSA Authentication Manager Upgrade

Anytime, anywhere access, measurably stronger security, non-repudiation and prevention of unauthorized access with our RSA Authentication Manager deployment solution.

Why ComplyTec

We’re a boutique firm that takes pride is the quality of our service and our depth of product knowledge.

Deep experience​

With 25 years in the business, we’ve supported many organizations, including fortune 100s and government agencies.

Expert knowledge

Our consultants are the best and brightest. we invest in ongoing training in order to give you the excellent support.

Personalized service

No two deployments are identical. We listen, use proven methods, and take pride in the work we do for you.

A dedicated rep

You’ll have a single, dedicated advisor who’ll take care of everything for you. No waiting on hold. No repeating your account history.

Why ComplyTec

Tenable Platinum
RSA Titanium
Deep product
Largest supplier
of RSA in Canada

Software & support for enterprise-level IT security​

Whether you’re looking to improve your IT security measures or are starting from scratch, our team of seasoned consultants will guide you through the planning and implementation of your software solution.