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TORONTO, ON Canada Jan. 18, 2022 Today, ComplyTec announced it has launched a new company called Karta, which will take over its integrated risk management solutions and services, enabling each business to wholly focus on one practice area—a highly unusual approach for a value-added reseller. 

While a big change, this is also a natural evolution for ComplyTec. With over 20 years in business, ComplyTec evolved to support two distinct groups, IT security, and integrated risk and compliance managers. With both areas of the business continuing to expand, the company says the division will allow them to serve customers better by having ComplyTec specialize in IT security and Karta in integrated risk management. The company is spitting its consulting and sales teams accordingly. “At both Karta and ComplyTec, customers will work with the same people they’ve come to know and appreciate—that is not changing,” said Vid Kartavicius, president of ComplyTec and Karta. “We’ve become known for our high calibre people, so it’s essential to us that we retain our people for continuity. The people on our team who work on our integrated risk management practice are simply moving to Karta.”

ComplyTec will maintain its long-held IT security partnership with RSA and Karta will assume their IRM partnership with Archer.

Kartavicius also shared that Karta is launching a new partnership with the IRM platform Onspring, a fully cloud-based solution, allowing Karta to further tailor IRM solutions to customers.

Karta also plans to invest in continual enhancements of the NERC Compliance Management Solution, which is an industry-first product for utilities. All told, Karta says its list of solutions and services, including consulting services, software licensing, and maintenance renewals, is expanding.

For two decades, ComplyTec has helped enterprise-level organizations protect themselves from financial risk associated with cyber attacks and compliance failures. The company offers software solutions and related services to critical sectors including utilities, banking, government, insurance, and healthcare. The company prides itself on standing apart with superior expertise, implementation methodology, and customer service. 

Karta, officially known as Karta Corp, is an affiliate of ComplyTec Inc. specializes in IRM software solutions and consulting services. Karta’s head office is located in Toronto, Canada and serves Canada and the United States. The company launched in January 2022, assuming an established IRM business operated for over 20 years by ComplyTec. For more information on Karta, visit the website.

Liz Teodorini
Marketing Director, ComplyTec
1443 Hurontario Street, Suite 100
Mississauga, ON L5G 3H5  Canada


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