RSA ID Plus: Empower your digital transformation with a flexible cloud or hybrid solution

Where RSA SecurID is security in the cloud, ID Plus is a comprehensive cloud SaaS solution that provides automated identity intelligence, authentication, access, governance, and lifecycle capabilities to secure your organization. 

It can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment, offering maximum flexibility and an open, scalable platform. 

Its ability to adapt to the changing pace of modernization makes ID Plus a dynamic solution for all identity management requirements.


  • Ultimate security
  • Complete IAM solution in a single license
  • Flexible deployment model
  • Available in cloud, hybrid or on-prem deployments
  • Licensing model allows for better budgeting predictability
  • DS100, a passwordless multi-functional authenticator that marries the cryptographic advantages of FIDO protocols with the security benefits of a one-time password (OTP) solution.
  • RSA Mobile Lock to detect threats on users’ devices, and protect sensitive data and systems by restricting authentication on the RSA Authenticator app. 

ID Plus susbscriptions are based on a monthly fee per user, starting at $2/user monthly for ID Plus C1.

Identity and access management solution on-premises, cloud or hybrid

As organizations are transferring more assets and activities to the cloud and conducting business from any internet-connected location, the difficulty of ensuring secure access is increasing. This highlights the need for stronger authentication methods and emphasizes the importance of multifactor authentication (MFA). Your organization requires MFA that not only ensures security but is also flexible enough to accommodate varying user requirements and adapt to organizational changes and growth.

MFA is the firewall
for identity

With more confidence that a user is who they claim to be, the less we can depend on authentication. According to Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report, passwords are frequently recognized as the weak link in cybersecurity, with 80% of all data breaches worldwide being attributed to password security problems.

RSA SecurID: unmatched security

ComplyTec is a long-time RSA Platinum Partner because RSA continues to lead security worldwide. It is the security tool used by US government and many other large corporations.

RSA SecurID provides powerful identity and access management capabilities for on-premise deployments – in authentication, access management, and identity governance – to fully protect organizations in a perimeterless world. With RSA SecurID, your users can choose from a range of MFA options, including biometrics, email codes, Fast IDentity Online (FIDO)-based authentication, hardware tokens, mobile push authentication, proximity-based authentication, risk-based authentication, SMS codes, soft tokens, and voice-activated authentication. As identity and access management (IAM) technology, RSA SecurID not only grants access, but it also decides the extent of access to information and applications that each user is permitted to have while still ensuring flexibility, simplicity, and ease of use across complex IT estates.

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