Strengthen your Active Directory Security


Your Active Directory is an Easy Target

Active Directory must scale with your business in resilience and security capability. The reality is that most  IT security teams struggle to find and fix Active Directory security flaws as domains increase in complexity. 

As the demands on AD grow, it will very often deviate to an insecure, non-compliant state where it becomes an organizational risk rather than the trusted platform that facilitates business optimization and growth.

The Attack Path

Active Directory has become the favored target for attackers to elevate privileges and facilitate lateral movement through leveraging known flaws and misconfigurations. The attack path is a well-trodden route through networks for attackers to successfully monetize poor cyber hygiene.

Strengthen your Active Directory Security

By combining risk-based vulnerability management and Active Directory security, significantly fortifies your environment. With in place, you’ll be able to disrupt the attack path, ensuring attackers struggle to find a foothold and have no next step if they do. Even better, ComplyTec makes implementation easy by leading the deployment of in your environment. 

Your Active Directory is an Easy Target helps proactively find Active Directory weaknesses before attackers strike. In addition, detects Active Directory attacks in real-time. Attack pathways will be disrupted before attackers exploit them. 

No Agents, No Privileges. No Delays is an agentless leading security software built specifically to protect your Active Directory.

Ready to Secure your Active Directory?

• Discover the underlying issues affecting your Active Directory

• Identify dangerous trust relationships

• Catch every change in your AD

• Make the link between AD changes and malicious actions

• Analyze in-depth details of attacks.

• Explore MITRE ATT&CK descriptions directly from incident details

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