Citrix NetScaler Gateway provides easy and secure application, desktop, and data access from anywhere, on any device, to maximize user productivity and ensure business continuity.

As trends such as mobility, bring your own device (BYOD), workshifting and globalization continue to move users further away from the datacenter, IT organizations are under increasing pressure to deliver business applications and data to users regardless of their location or device. Traditional remote access solutions fail to mitigate the risk associated with providing anywhere access to users and increase the potential for data leaks, which can cost organizations millions per incident—not including potentially severe legal penalties due to government regulatory requirements.

NetScaler Gateway is a secure application, desktop and data access solution that gives IT administrators granular application-level and device-level policy and action controls over access to corporate content, while allowing users to work from anywhere using SmartAccess and the XenMobile Micro VPN technologies. It provides a single point of control and tools to help IT administrators ensure compliance with regulations and protect corporate information with the highest levels of security, both within and outside the enterprise. At the same time, NetScaler Gateway empowers users with a single point of access – optimized for roles, applications, devices and networks – to the enterprise applications and data they need. This unique combination of capabilities helps maximize the productivity of today’s mobile workforce.

Key benefits:

  • Enables easy and secure access from anywhere, from any device.
  • Ensures data security with adaptive and granular application level and device level controls.
  • Provides secure access and delivery of all applications and virtualized desktops as well as data.